Virtual Ocean

Virtual Ocean Intro

Virtual Ocean is a place:

∎ of beauty to explore and enjoy

∎ of danger to fight or avoid

∎ where you play as a Dolphin, Orca or a Great White

∎ where joining a pod and teamwork keeps you alive!

∎ where you feel like you are in one of those magical paintings by Lassen

∎ where the ocean is alive with magic

∎ where songs have power

∎ where language is music to your ears

Welcome to the Aquaverse

Aquaverse 1

Leave your human body at the shore when you enter the Virtual Ocean. Mankind is long gone, and the once noisy seas are now alive with the power of whale song. Whales and dolphins have become the new masters of a flooded world, filled with interesting behaviors, artifacts and terrain features to "fly" through and explore.

To exist in the ocean, you must learn the rules of the deep: how to hunt; how to fight; how to communicate and even how to breathe. You will discover alliances as a means to long-term survival. There's safety in numbers, and feeding is a lot easier when you belong to a pod.

Whale speech has evolved into powerful songs which are used to communicate, defend, and explore. Powerful visual effects let you see sounds as whales do. Songs can also be used for attack and defense. Cetaceans may be the masters, but the Sharks are powerful too - and they have a slightly different point of view…

The ocean is a beautiful place, but it can also be dangerous.

Enter the Virtual Ocean to explore underwater and lurk among the dangers that exist. Communicate with other players with whom you can form an alliance. Protect yourself from the dangers of a Great White with teamwork.

A unique text-to-whale-speech translator lets you “hear” whale talk. You can send messages, even images and maps. Whale songs are carried on sound waves in the Virtual Ocean, the way real whale songs are.

And just as real sharks can detect electrical currents for hundreds of miles around them, sharks in the Virtual Ocean also communicate using electro-pulses.

The sharks in the Virtual Ocean have the ability to send and receive these electrical messages transmitted through the water.

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Game World Features

The Virtual Ocean consists of several enclosed seas. (New seas will be added when the present ones get too full of players.) Whales and sharks can swim between the seas through undersea tunnels, artificial canals, and narrow channels that are opened as need be.

Some features of the Virtual Ocean include:

Bays and Lagoons Shallow bays and lagoons rich with fish offer safe harbor from sharks.

Canyons Canyons twice as deep as those on the surface are filed with extraordinary forms of life.

Caverns Secrets are hidden in caves. But you better have a map before you explore too far.

Currents Swift undersea currents work like one-way expressways.

Human Artifacts Human technology can be operated if the player has the right power song. Whales learned how to run farms from humans.

Volcanic Fissures Steaming cracks in the sea floor can erupt and lava will pour out. Exotic and dangerous life forms that feed on volcanic gases can be found in these fissures.

Real and Fantastic Life Forms The life in the Virtual Ocean will look like the creatures and plants in the seas of today as well as highly evolved life forms of the future that have been enlivened by the power of song.

In Progress

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