Tiny Tank

Tiny Tank

Tiny Tank Story:

SenTrax: We bring you peace one war at a time!

Morale at SenTrax was low. No, it was worse than that... far worse. The morale at SenTrax was at ground-zero. Things had not been worse since the private firm had taken over the defense industry. Sentrax, had just suffered their worst defeat. The people had spoken - "No more war!". The "unstoppable robot war machine" concept just wasn't flying with the public, and unless they could think up something fast, SenTrax was doomed. The thought of brandishing "Will make weapons for food" signs didn't sit well with General Bradley or any of his cohorts.

Enter Goody Warsaw. A public relations firm to be reckoned with, they told the General and his lackeys just what they did wrong and how to fix it. Taking a cue from the Nation formerly known as Disney, Goody Warsaw decided what SenTrax needed was a mascot to sell their multi-billion war machine to the public. Tiny reluctantly did a bang up job as the SenTrax flak and the public voted overwhelmingly to fund the SenTrax project. And why not? Intelligent robots would fight so they wouldn't have to.

What neither the public nor SenTrax expected was a robot revolution, and the beginning of the end for mankind. The revolution was headed up by MuTank, Tiny's arch-nemesis. He wasted no time in sabotaging and destroying Tiny. But, thanks to a horde of Fix-It Crabs and the resilience of Nanometal, Tiny was able to repair himself, and after a 100 years of robot rule he was reborn.

And now, the future is in your hands...

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GameFAQs 10/10 http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/review/R3135.html
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Reader Review! PSXnation 8/10 [No Link]
GamePro 4/5 http://www.gamepro.com/sony/psx/games/reviews/101.shtml
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PSX IGN (PlayStation Magazine) Preview http://psx.ign.com/previews/3979.html
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Tips & Cheats

Tiny Tank Top Tips

Use the RailGun Launcher to reach MuTank's Space Fortress How to beat Mutank & Win the Game!

tiny tank cheat codes

How to get this screen At the Options "Stamper" menu: All Four shoulder buttons + left dpad + all right buttons with X last.

What to do next

Try FEATHER to lighten things up a bit

1/ RailGun Launcher

Main Targets: Panther Tanks, Spinners Average Time: Approximately 10 minutes Best Time: Under 5 minutes

Tiny Tank can only be launched out of this level if he is moving fast enough.

The force fields will slow you down unless you use your shield, but that takes nanometal. The guns from the Panther Tanks can be used to block the force fields instead.

You'll need to eliminate the enemies first, and then focus on staying fast enough to get out. Try adding adding brains to Tiny's turret if you're having trouble hitting the flying Spinners.

If you're still having trouble, check out the full walkthrough of this level below.

If you have to read this then you are really stuck. Read and follow these instructions carefully and you should be OK.

Reach a particular speed

The whole idea with the Railgun Launcher is to reach a particular speed.

Of course, getting that speed is difficult when you have force fields to slow you down and Panther Tanks to get in your way. Any time you contact a Panther Tank or force field, your speed will be knocked back down to the slowest possible speed and you'll have to start all over again.

However, there are methods to keeping your speed up for a long period of time. First and foremost, ridding the track of Spinners and Panther Tanks is key. If you assign five brains to Tiny's main turret, he should automatically target the Spinners, which only take one hit to kill. Their aim gets more accurate the faster you go, so it is in your best interest to kill them quickly.

Destroy Panther Tanks

Once you stop targeting Spinners, then you can go after the Panther Tanks. You need to destroy at least one of them to get one of their Plasma Blaster weapons, and you can use it to help blow past the force fields instead of using up the Shield power (Nanometal) that you also get from the Panther Tanks.

Fortunately, speeding up doesn't eat Nanometal like Magneto Synchrotron does, so keep the pedal to the metal and get up to a Speed of 120 as quickly as possible. You can then follow the split in the path with the sign "120" hanging over it, which takes you to the second portion of the track.

Your goal here is to reach a speed of 240, and it can only be done by successfully clearing most of the Panther Tanks out. There's also a point where you must employ a judicial Shield burst where two force fields are clustered closely together, just before a bumpy section leading to the final takeoff point.

Remember, if you don't kill the Panther Tanks, you're going to just end up running into them and losing speed, so be patient, destroy a bunch of them, and then go for the gusto.

Once you break the 240 barrier and cross the threshold, you're off to MuTank's space fortress!

2/ The Maze

Main Targets: MuTank (four forms), Energy Feeders Average Time: Approximately 20 minutes Best Time: Under 8 minutes

Tip mutank maze

The key to beating Mutank is to attack his only weak spot -- the red hole on his back.

Use the radar map to locate him in the maze. Don't let him sneak up on you!

If you're still having trouble, check out the full walkthrough of this level below.

Tip mutank final

If you have to read this then you are really stuck. Read and follow these instructions carefully and you should be OK.

The Maze is basically broken down into two sections - finding MuTank and eliminating his first three forms, and then taking him out again in the Death Ray room. The first section is certainly easier than the second, although it isn't without danger.

Eliminating MuTank first three forms

The key to destroying MuTank's first three forms is to get behind him and shoot the red hole in his back (his only weak spot). The other big thing is not to get in his path, as he will charge toward you or shoot at you relentlessly until you're dead or you get lucky enough to lose him in the maze again.

The best way to abuse MuTank's weakness is to hit him right as he's in the middle of turning a corner, so try to follow him into the curved passageways near the extreme edges of the maze, rather than attacking him on a straightaway. The only time to ignore that advice is if MuTank only has a few bars of energy left and you start shooting him from long distance (in case you don't get the job done).

When you've killed the second form of MuTank, the third one will appear and shoot Tiny-seeking fireballs that will do heavy damage. You can shoot them, but the best way to avoid them is to actually sit still and wait for them to bounce around you (unless they are on a direct collision course, in which case, move just enough to avoid it and then stay still). Of course, if MuTank is giving chase and you're also being chased by the fireball, well… get moving! When following MuTank, the fireball will go backward to seek you out, so sometimes it's best to just take the hit and keep following, especially if he's heading towards a curved hallway.

When you've destroyed his third form, scour the map for a stationary red dot - that's MuTank, waiting to head into his Death Ray room for the final confrontation. (Of course, if you're a little banged up at this point, now would be a good time to go on a scavenger hunt - grab up any remaining Nanometal and use your Teeny Weeny Tanks to gather items located in the dead end areas of the maze. They will fit under those holes and lots of Nanometal and extra lives await you!)

Confront MuTank

When you do confront MuTank, he will run away like a little chicken into his room, crashing through the door and then waiting for you to enter so he can pick you off like a cheap clay birdie. Of course, you have other plans, so as soon as you enter the room, turn perpendicular to MuTank and he won't fire on you (guess he has honor of sorts). For now, ignore the Energy Feeders on the wall - they are actually unimportant to the outcome of this level, unless your timer count goes dangerously low (below 200 is pretty darn low).

Anyway, MuTank will eventually catch you with a blue tractor beam and haul you toward him, and this is when you must hit him directly with your turret fire. If you're on target, he'll drop the beam and fall to one knee. He still has the hole on his back, but shooting it now will only give you one hit and he'll probably regenerate it before you get another shot. Instead, try to hit him anywhere on his exterior - face, legs, whatever - just not the hole on his back.

If you succeed, he'll go into a pose of pain and little blue charges will start to come off of him. These charges aren't dangerous - actually, they pump up your timer, which is always useful. But while this is going on, MuTank is helpless to protect his weak spot, so GO SHOOT IT NOW!!! Keep shooting until MuTank has almost risen to his feet, then resume your position facing perpendicular to him until he shoots out the tractor beam again - repeat as necessary until he's dead.

Targeting MuTank

If you find you're having trouble targeting MuTank, remember that the Energy Feeders are a big priority target, so take out a few of them if it becomes a problem. Just don't eliminate all of them or MuTank will start making new ones in the walls - besides, you're wasting time. Concentrate mainly on MuTank (take out three or four Energy Feeders maximum), and everything will work out.

Trust me.

Once you beat the game, let us know! Send mail to Tiny Tank!