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Nooks & Crannies is the first real game with artificial life characters; little alien Nooks and Crannies. Imagine virtual cock-fighting with your own alien pets. Feed-em, Kill-em, Evolve-em, then send them on one daunting mission after another. Its Creatures meets Command & Conquer in lush 3D alien worlds, seen through a fully controllable camera. You can even breed them on your Palm Pilot and upload them to your PC. Nooks and Crannies -- it's not just a game, it's a hobby.

Nooks & Crannies Story

Mix’em. Match ‘em. Kill ‘em.

2509 AD Two strange new species have been found in an unmapped sector of the stars, nicknamed Nooks and Crannies by their discoverers.

Nooks are squat slimy salamandery thugs and Crannies are disgusting rubbery evil-looking things. Both creatures have sour dispositions and notoriously short fuses. They can change from mild annoyance to murderous rage in a flash. They are true sociopaths, jealous, selfish and violent, and will kill each other over the slightest provocation. Which is a good thing because Nooks and Crannies multiply as fast as fruit flies.

There are no laws out here. You can do with them what you will. Go ahead. Have fun.



Evolve a unique "tribe" according to game demands and personal strategy. Each retail copy contains the DNA of a unique Nook and Cranny which you use as breeding stock.

Characteristic movements and poses communicate volumes about their feelings, and their mischievous, violent and humorous nature will keep your attention. Nooks and Crannies react to their surroundings in complex and unpredictable ways. But you have the ability to make them behave the way you want them to behave.

Supports a wide spectrum of gameplay styles. A nearly infinite set of possibilities means that you’ll find plenty of "meat" to sink your teeth into, even if you’re a perfectionist.

D3D support for 3D characters in a 3D world. You control the camera, giving you full freedom over the viewing angle and position.

Selectively evolve individuals to emphasize attributes such as speed and aggression. Don't be constrained by the limited "AI" scripts employed in first- and second-generation real-time strategy games. "A-Life" algorithms enable Nooks and Crannies to cope with situations never even considered by the designers.

The Nooks & Crannies Post Office lets you email individual Nooks and Crannies--even entire tribes-- to other players. This option is unique. Since Nooks and Crannies are artificial life forms, they have genes, or RNA, an encrypted string of values that can be emailed to others who have the game. You can share your tribe with others either to stage autonomous wars or build secret alliances.

Accessories can be downloaded from a Nooks & Crannies web site. These include genetic-accelerating food, an RNA editor, cage parts used to build training environments and viruses that only attack Nooks or Crannies.

Single Player and Multi-player. The game is designed to be played many different ways:

  1. Single player, mission based or free-form strategic play.
  2. Over a LAN with (4-8) players.
  3. One-on-one modem play.
  4. Internet (Mpath, Kali).
  5. Email using the Nooks & Crannies Post Office.

Screens & Game Play

Nooks and Crannies is a unique action and strategy game, featuring high level combat strategy combined with real time artificial life algorithms.

nook0th nook1th nook6th
Your Nooks or Crannies are your soldiers, your pets (even, dare we say, your children). Over the course of the game you evolve and grow your "tribe" - sculpting their attributes and attitudes. Since you raise, train, and evolve your tribe, the more time you invest in the game the stronger the attachment with your tribe will become.


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Nooks & Crannies Both are about two feet tall and appear to very stupid. Nooks are squat, and have deep sunken eyes. Crannies have a weird head and an angry look.

Nooks & Crannies expel wastes by belching gases rich in methane. This characteristic was especially repellent to their discoverers and may have helped convince them that it would not only be fun to violate the Prime Directive, it might even be doing these creatures a favor.

Senses Nooks and Crannies' primary sense organs are their eyes. Range of sight varies from individual to individual. Improved sight can be cultivated into Nooks or Crannies.

Nooks and Crannies typically have poor hearing, but this can be improved through selective evolution.

Food Nooks and Crannies are motivated by food. When they get hungry they look for food and when they find it they eat it. It takes a pretty serious hatred to keep a Nook or Cranny from its food. When a Nook or Cranny searches for food, the first place it goes is the last place it ate. If that food is gone, the next place it goes is the last place it killed something, because food crystals grow from corpses.

Both Nooks and Crannies will become jealous if they see another Nook or Cranny eating, especially if they are hungry.

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