Mort the Chicken

Mort the Chicken

Mort the Chicken Story:

Mort lives in an alternate universe, exactly like ours, except that chickens are the dominant species. On this chicken planet, Mort is the star of his own television series, an animated series of shorts called The Mort the Chicken Show. It takes place on a farm, and depicts the adventures of Mort as he saves his little chicken community from a wide variety of dangers. (Although other chickens speak, Mort does not. His squawks, however, are highly expressive.)

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What the chickens in this world have never known is that there is another species living in a dimension parallel to theirs, a strange species of cube-like creatures called The Boolyon, who occupy a world of right angles and rigid geometry.

And Boolyon scientists have only recently realized that there is a world outside their own, inhabited by chickens. Due to a huge misunderstanding, the Boolyon elite come to believe that this chicken world is holding cubes as slaves and prisoners. Despite the protests of lesser Boolyon, the Boolyon leaders decide to snatch some baby chickens to hold as hostage until the "cubes are free."

mort toonx

Mort is performing in his television show when the Boolyon raid occurs. An interdimensional gate opens in the well and the Boolyon begin grabbing chicks left and right before anybody can react. Check Out the Cartoon!

When the dust has cleared, every chick on the farm has gone, and the roosters and hens are dashing around like, well, chickens with their heads cut off.

Except for one chicken -- Mort. Like a fearless Clint Eastwood, with feathers and the ability to cluck, Mort dives into the well, to rescue the chicks or perish in the effort.

Mort the Chicken


Mort acts like a living character. He looks around in the world, focuses his attention on important features and interactive elements, clucking with increasing frequency if danger approaches. He whistles to find lost chicks, who peep back, leading him to them.

Mort reacts to the world around him by looking at objects (including the camera). He turns his head, cranes his neck, and rotates his eyes. Mort is conscious of his surroundings. He focuses on and tracks moving characters, clucking frantically whenever danger approaches. You can watch his eyes follow a cube as it moves into view, and see him look narrowly at any mysterious object in the landscape.


Although courageous, Mort is also afraid. When danger comes near, Mort makes faster and lounder chicken noises. The closer Mort gets to something scary the faster he clucks. This mechanism strengthens the bond between you and Mort. By showing his fear Mort shows his Mortality and you can help Mort overcome his fear.

Screen Shots

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In this innovative and unique game for Sony PlayStation. you control Mort, an intelligent and endearing chicken, guiding him through a compelling 3D world filled with outrageous enemies and challenging kinetic puzzles.

The enemies are strange Cube-Creatures, who dwell in their own peculiar Cube-Universe. They have invaded our world and taken baby chickens back to theirs. Though uniform in shape, the Cubes have special powers (and personalities) based on their material and color, which the player must learn to recognize. Some are stupid, some are smart. Some are friendly, most are not.

Your mission (and Mort’s) is to take the baby chicks back from the Cubes. Some worlds will have several chicks to rescue, some have just one. When you finds a chick, simply walk close to it, and it will follow. You must retrieve all the chicks from a level, before you can return them to the farm.

Enemies will try to take chicks away from Mort. The more chicks Mort has following him the more he must avoid his enemies.


The Boolyon have a variety of types within their basic cube-ness, each type exhibiting certain attributes. For instance, jelly cubes bounce and ice cubes crack. Cubes can also combine to make stairways, multi-cube enemies, etc.

Each cube is roughly the same size as Mort, but they combine to make larger cubes, and other creatures.

There are also...

Multiple Cube Enemies

They can look like dinosaurs, robots and even parts of the background. When Mort hits them enough times they break apart entirely, rather than into their constituent cubes as larger cube enemies do.


Kinetic Puzzle Enemies

Multiple Cube Enemies may be animated sculptures you must rotate or rearrange to destroy.

There are also mazes to navigate, "locked-room" mysteries (in which Mort has to find his way out of an environment using only his wits and available objects), and fast-paced "sorting" puzzles.