This is why madden isn't on PC review

Football lovers who play their games on PC will be informed by now that EA hasn’t public a Madden game on the platform for a while. As the matter of fact, the last title in the franchise to release on the platform was in 2007.As such a huge franchise for EA Sports, some players may be wondering why the franchise’s latest releases miss the platform out. Well, it turns out that while Madden may sell its fair share of copies on consoles, there’s just no demand or sufficient interest for it on PC on the market right now.

The reason that Madden is not on the PC:

During an interview with GameInformer, Senior Vice President of EA Sports, Matt Bilbey said, “PC is literally based on demand. There’s still the high demand for FIFA on the PC globally because of the global appetite for the game. I think that’s less so with Madden, but I think if that changes and an opportunity presents itself, I think we would definitely leverage the opportunity.”

EA Tiburon added: “Yeah, I think with Madden in particular, it used to be a good business, and then it declined and the economics just didn't make sense anymore. Then the compounding problem is that I guess in the last four or five we get away from PC development, it becomes more and more difficult to get back to it. We're open to it; it's just a matter of when's the right time and when does the opportunity make sense”.

Bilbey continued “I think part of the vision you've heard about aligning on [the Frostbite engine] as a company makes that a lot easier going forward, because Frostbite is a very core PC engine that has the ability to move across consoles, up and down”.



In the end, though it’s fairly disappointing to hear, it’s not a final option. EA Sports awaiting a rise in the demand for Madden to hit the platform soon, they’d be willing to give it a try.