Dark Souls 2 Cheats (Review).

Dark Souls II is a difficult game, which everyone must recognize. But for passionate gamers who have spent time plowing for the past half year or are familiar with their predecessors Dark Souls, perhaps the most vicious bosses will be hard pressed to stop them. That's why we've put together a few tips to make it easier for you to reach Dark Souls II.

1. Invincibilty God Mode: 

The Cheat Invincibility is thought to work best on specific operating system versions that are found on the PC version of Dark Souls II. However, it takes time to verify:

  • Attacked by any monster.
  • Disconnect immediately if you are attacked to death.
  • When the time comes, you will become immortal throughout the rest of the game, and the only thing that gets you down is when you fall into the void.

Here is a tip to help you get an unlimited number of gems and souls in Dark Souls II. The above method is not only made on the PS3 version of the game but also works well on the Xbox 360 and PC versions.

 2. These tips are extremely simple and easy to do right?

When you find a precious gem, try to find a way to jump out of the game if you see your deadly future. And when you return to the game, you will see all of your gems still intact and you can start the new process to have an infinite amount of gems.

3. Restore your human form from time to time:

We all know that staying hollow for so long will be very detrimental, especially when you have to kill the boss. That's why we give you a tip to restore your human form from time to time. You can restore 300 souls based on life-time protection at the No Man's Wharf

4. The way people use to restore human form is to use Effigies.

By dealing with Dyna &Tillo, you can have a stockpile of Effigies. This pair of twins can be found in things Betwixt inside the nest on a cliff through the Fire Keeper's Dwelling Bonfire. They will give you a random items ((Prism Stone, Small Smooth and Silky Stone, Smooth and Silky Stone, Petrified Something) to exchange if you put some items on their nest.

 5. Restore your network an unlimited number

Users on Reddit have found another trick to restore your network an unlimited number. To do that, you must undead and no Effigies are allowed in your inventory.

6.  There are some cheats for PC below:

Easy trick to defeat the executioner’s chariot boss: Firstly, kill Necromancer along with any skeletons nearby. Stand in the door area and cast Affinity, as the tank passes, magic attacks it, and you can kill Chariot bosses without having to go deep into the area.

Change character gender: Behind the small beach graveyard after Betwixt, you will see a partially opened coffin. When you jump into the coffin, you can transfer the gender to the coffin.

Unlimited souls (exploit): You can relive many times by finding a corpse with an object or soul, stealing them and leaping out of the nearest edge. As soon as you die, press the appropriate button to exit the game. When you reboot, what you picked up will be in your repository.

Fall wall in No-Man’s Wharf: There are two guards sleep at the table, near theedge of No-Man's Wharf is a small room full of jars containing poison. The wall behind them is hidding a number of Souls and the useful Royal Soldiers Ring.


Although considered a difficult game, Dark Souls II still has ways to overcome. And to win, use the cheats that we suggest for you. Good luck!