Chakan Story

"I hunt the ancient evils and return them to their shadowy realm. Yet, I am forbidden the peace of death's grasp."

-- Chakan, The Forever Man The Compendium Art & Stories by Robert A. Kraus

"A boast I once made and won in fair trade life without end. I wander this land, my sword fills my hand, and no man my friend. To foul fearsome things and vile undead kings I must lay waste. Death feeds my dreams with infernal screams my soul is unplaced. Death sends me fear from every dark sphere. My life is woe. Pain feeds my thoughts all joy soon forgot. Thou death, let me go." --Chakan

Conceptual Artwork

Chakan can acquire vials of liquid that when mixed together act as powerful potions. Alchemy potions can be used to heal Chakan, increase the power of his weapons, kill or weaken his enemies, change features in the world, open portals to the future and past, and even transport him to other worlds and planes of existence.

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Chakan can jump, roll, run, ride vehicles and creatures, and fight with weapons in both hands.


Chakan In Progress

Here are some renderings done with the Dreamcast-resolution model.




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