Playing games is good for kids

Some parents are having negativity with video games, they think that games are very bad for their kid’s study while they still learning at school. That’s is not absolutely true.

Recently, many science researches have been showing that playing video games could benefit to your child more than you thought. From our previous review, we’ve already mentioned about this via research of Dr. Craig Stark, you could read more about his research in here.

Playing video games could improve brain functions, flexibility and making more connection with friends from everywhere.

We have 02 of the best games for your kid that would like to share to you today, more details will come as below.

1. Slope 3D:

Slope is a 3D game that was developed by Rob Kay, who has 18 years of experience in gaming industry.

Slope Game can be played whenever you want to, just simply open your devices (PC, mobile devices, etc.), go to this website, click Play and enjoy!

Slope is a simple running game that will challenge your kid’s skills. While playing this game, player will control a 3D object that running down to a randomized slope. The longer distance that player goes, the faster speed goes.

The game is very easy for kid to play, with just only 2 basic control buttons: Left and Right arrow keys, but playing this will give you extreme adrenaline rush. In game, what player needs to do is to avoid obstacles and those red square blocks.

Exploring this 3D world will help your child to develop their quick reactions, learning how to control their movement carefully in the 3 Dimension world (identify every shapes, corners, distance, etc.) and especially focusing skill. By just loosing focus for a tiny moment, the object could be fallen into the deep dark world below and will be reset back to the start point.

Every time the game is reset, a new stage will appear. It will make this game even more difficult and also your kid will get more exciting to play the new stage instead of repeating the same old stage previously. This is the tricky part that makes this game so special.

Remember to control your ball to be always on track in order to get a high score and your name might have been listed on the leaderboard!

2. Get On Top:

Get On Top is a 1 on 1 fighting game. In this game, there are 2 characters with different colors. At the beginning, there will be 02 characters are holding each other’s hands and in balance position, ready to pull the other to the ground.

Your goal is to control your character and defeat your opponent by making your opponent’s head hit the floor before yours do.


The challenge part about this game is that you can only make your character either push forward, pull back or jump up and while performing these actions, both your hands and your opponent’s hands are stuck together, so if you’re not careful then you may end up making your own head hit the floor before your opponent’s head does.

It sounds complicated but actually the control mechanism of this game is pretty easy. Your kid could play with his/ her friend using the same computer, which is so much fun to have a partner playing next to you!

Player 01 will use the A, S, D, W keys to control the character on the right side of the screen while the other Player 02 will use arrow keys: Up, Down, Left, Right to control the character on the left side of the screen.

Playing this game will teach your child to learn on how to be patient to wait for the right moment in order to make their move and win. Each time you make your opponent’s head touch the floor, you’ll receive 1 point and vice versa, all the way until one of you reaches 11 points in which case that person is the winner.


They will have to focus and fully pay attention to details such as your current angle, the amount of force you’re applying (the longer you hold the button that performs an action, the more force you’ll create for that action) and combine moves together as effectively as you can if you want to win.

The game also has a mobile version via iOS Apply store with the name “Get on Tap”.

Summary/ Verdict:

Children who play video games for up to an hour a day are less hyperactive, more social and happier than those who don't play at all, according to an Oxford University study.

When children play video games, it gives his brain a real workout.  In many video games, the skills required to win involve abstract and high level thinking.  These skills are not even taught at school. With so much benefits like that, parents should consider giving their child at least from 01 up to 03 hours max per day to entertain with video games for their own development.


Pokemon ruby master ball cheat

Developed by Game Freak published by The Pokémon Company, Pokémon Ruby is an exclusive game for Game Boy Advance (by Nintendo). The games were first released in Japan in late 2002 and internationally in 2003.

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This game is the third series of the Pokemon series and was released along with Pokemon Sapphire. Pokemon Ruby has the same game play as the previous games, which is role-playing.

Same as previous games, the main objectives are to catch all of the Pokémon in the games and defeat the Elite Four (a group of Pokémon trainers); also like their predecessors, player will control the main character to defeat a criminal organization that attempts to take over the world.


  • More than 350 Pokemon to collect, battle and trade
  • 40 hour quest
  • Cartridge save (one slot)
  • Connectivity with future GameCube game(s)
  • Link cable support for four player (multiple cartridge)
  • e-Reader compatibility
  • Only for Game Boy Advance

Looking for some cheats? You’re in the right place, let’s check out below for more details.

List of all the cheats (up to date) for Pokemon Ruby:

  • Cheat code for maximum stats (get maximum HP): 830043B8 03E7
  • Maximum level (reaches lvl.255): 330043B4 00FF
  • Maximum attack: 830043BA 03E7
  • Maximum defence: 830043BC 03E7
  • Maximum special attack: 30043C0 03E7
  • Maximum special defence: 830043C2 03E7
  • Maximum speed: 830043BE 03E7
  • Infinite HP: 830043B6 03E7
  • Maximum Money: 82025BC4 E0FF or 82025BC6 05F5

Some other codes:

Walk Through Walls Code                             E03B0649, 5D67050C, 78DA95DF, 44018CB4

Get Infinite Money                                                     E51e97c3, 7858e4eb

See all the Pokemons in your Pokedex     767CB1FC, DD748434, 1285CF69, 1834F175

                                                                             DBB87FCA, 6276D975, 9A732B89, F770B329

Have All Pokeballs                                          085938bb, 99ff313d, 2dafd739, 5d796510

All badges                                                                     A12FCE77, 0C1EC556

Catch Any Pokemon in Ruby with Pokemon Ruby Master Ball Cheat:

Master Ball is the best ball among all types Poke Ball. With this item, you can catch any wild Pokémon without failure. It is very useful, but cannot be easily obtained.Here is the list of steps that you need to follow in order to get it via a mission:

1. Go to Lilycove

2. Make sure that you have been to Pyre to see the Blue Orb taken and witnessed the Submarine being stolen from Slateport.

3. Go to the north-east of Lilycove (use Surf) to come to Team Aqua’s Hideout in and keep heading to the North.

4. Enter through the door and you will see two white circles teleporters.

5. Choose the Left

6. On the next screen, walk to the teleporter to the south and go through it.

7. Now pick the teleporters to the left, left and then left

8. When you reach the final row of teleporters, take the one farthest to the left.

9. You should reach a room with 04 balls item. Careful with the two on the right, they are Electrodes.

10. Pick up the Nugget and then you will be able to acquire the Master Ball!

Too complicated? Here is another alternative solution for you, using Pokemon Ruby master ball cheat to obtain an unlimited number of Master Ball. Note: The cheat might not work for Ruby version 1.1.

Unlimited Master Ball (Check Bag)

Cheat codes:      C674b60f B309f994

Note: When you disable the cheat, the Master Ball will disappear also. You can use the next master Ball cheat if you don’t like this one.

Unlimited Master Ball (Check PC)

Cheat codes:      91B85743, 27069397

Some extra Balls:

Ultra-Ball:            EE875C31 CEC90E53 002

Great Ball:           5EEB6CF4 0D0A13F2 003

Poke ball:            123EC001 4F5CB7FA 004

Safari Ball:           A16687DD 542EF412 005

Net Ball:               0EC2C6A5 495E579D 006

Dive Ball:              3B53887F 4C65B384 007

Nest Ball:             C4FF8279 66689214 008

Repeat Ball:        944EFEF8 CE670A24 009

Timer Ball:           0A923385 D6B7B0B6 00A

Gorgeous Ball:   A016762F C2966BA1 00B

Premium Ball:    1A73E4F6 6090E68F 00C

Extra cheat codes:

Rare Candy in PC:             280ea266, 88a62e5c

Full Restore in PC:            F6d63594, 20b33e32

Max Revive in PC:            9c51c651, 033feef8

Max Elixir in PC:                612a0d7a, 864b1d29

HP Up in PC:                       Ef059a66, 1b91fa78

PP Max in PC:                    7a74d52c, 460da729

Rare Candies:                    361E3586CD38BA79

Verdict/ Conclusion:

Pokémon Ruby is a great game even thought it might be an easy for some gamers, the game will make you feel like playing over and over again for quite some time. Compare to its predecessors, the game is not really a big standout but it’s definitely look better and a lot of new Pokémon for you to catch, which fans are surely love it. Even for new joiner (who never played any Pokémon game before), it also worth a try to find out what are these series is all about.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Codes (Review).

Sonic Adventure 2 is a multiple Platforms video games, published by SEGA. The game features 2 main stories: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower and Knuckles the Echidna attempt to save the world (Good) Versus Shadow the Hedgehog, Doctor Eggman and Rouge the Bat attempt to conquer it (Bad). This time, our Sonic was captured and transporting on and airplane, he must escape from his enemies and finding out the one who is behind all of this evil plan.

Get ready for Sonic action across more than 150 missions spread over 30-plus frenetic, action-packed stages.

You can see more: dragon age inquisition weapon schematics


Fighting with Egg Golem:

There is another way to hit him instead of climbing the stairs on Golem’s back. The moment when he has 2 or less hits remaining, wait till he uses his head butt of death, then stay to the side of his fists in order to avoid the head. Right after that, move directly under the head, it will takes the Egg Golem a few seconds to pick it up again, use bounce attack to hit the battery.

Fighting with Sonic:

From the Dark storyline, in order to make your battle becomes easier, you will need to keep somersaulting at Sonic instead of trying to catch him off-guard.

Fighting with Big Foot:

From the Hero story mode, you can try to jump on the wooden boxes when fighting with him. By doing this, it will helps you to attack Big Foot easier without having to wait until he lands. After he runs out of boxes, you can beat him up in the normal way.

Fighting with Big Foot 2:

Just stick with bounce attack to bounce around Big Foot while playing Sonic.

Fighting with Eggman:

From Hero storyline, attacking Eggman non-stop with your Vulcan cannon will take him down faster than using the lock-on missile.

Fighting with Shadow:

From Hero storyline, you will able to defeat Shadow by using the bounce attack from both battles, as he can’t defend against the bounce attack.

Fighting with King Boom Boo:

From Hero Storyline mode, when fighting with King Boom Book, try to run as fast as you can, make sure it fast enough to see his face. By the time he stars breathing blue fire, you will have more than enough time to attack the ghost who holding the hour glass while the King Boom Book preoccupied making its wall.

Fighting with King Boom Boo 2:

Be careful when King Boom Boo is about to attack you using Chomp Attack, he will also speedup at the same time. You will need to catch up the speed with him, don’t slow down. Special karts in kart racing: Try to Complete all missions with any character (at any grades)to achieve advanced race cart.

Special clear Chao: Combine sapphire Chao (you can find it in Sonic advance) together with a sparkly white Chao. Please note that a Chao dies around the age of 4.

Abuse a Chao with knuckles:

Dark Chao will have a red ring around its neck. Hint: This won’t work with hero Chao.

How to Unlock costumes:

Finish all missions of any character to get an alternate costume in 02 player’s mode.

How to Unlock Boss time attack mode:

Try to complete either side story to watch all the scenes that you chose or you can play any Bosses that you fought in a time attack mode. You will need to complete both parts of the game in order to achieve the Hero and the Dard mode.

How to Unlock the last stage:

Try to complete both Hero and Dark side story modes and then choose story mode to access the "Last Stage?" option.

How to unlock the extra island level:

You will need to collect all the Emblems, including Kart, Timed Boss, and the emblemsfor all A rating. Once you have achieved them all (around 180), you will find the Island next to the Green Forest level, with the face of Sonic on it. This new level is a 3D version of the Green Hills Zone, from Sonic the Hedgehog.

Kart racing mini-game:

Try to catch the President with Tails, or catch Tails with Rouge. If you do both, Versus in two-player mode will be Unlocked. Either way will work, it doesn't matter which one you want to do first.

Collect a Seed planted in the Chao’s garden:

First of all, you will need to have enough coins in order to buy a seed. After that, go to Chao Kindergarten classroom and select any Chao to learn 'Go-Go Dance' skill. Thirdly, provide to your Chao enough Chao Drives to win every Beginner Chao Race. And finally, give your Chao any seed and it will plant it for you.

Note: There is no specific order for the Events taken to make this happen. Your Chao must be at least 1 year old and try to notice the weird thing in teardrop shape is forming around your Chao, has happened at least once times.

How to Unlock Dark Chao Garden:

Use 01 of the 03 Evil characters to raise a Dark Chao, then keep feeding and train your Dark Chao until it evolves and transform into an evil cocoon. When the process is done, a set of descending stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby leading to the Dark Chao Garden.

How to kill the Final Hazard:

To beat the last boss, you must focus tothe pink swellings on him and keep hitting it. Do remember to swap between Super Sonic and Hyper Shadows in order to prevent them running out of rings. When doing swapping, the other one will go and keep on collecting rings, each player will have 50 rings as max.

The number of rings that you collect will depend on how long it takes you to kill the swelling, and the swelling will become harder to beat following the game progress.

How to achieve 100 ring missions faster:

While using Knuckles or Rouge, you won’t be able to farm for rings, however in some levels like Mad Space, with Rouge, you can get more rings very fast by using the Sunglasses or Treasure Scope.

How to Defeat Shadow (2nd Time):

Forcing Shadow to use Chaos Control by using the Light Shoes, to keep ahead of him. Once he is in front of you, try to stay far enough to make Shadow uses his special attach, then all you’ll need to do after that is just dash and destroy him, repeat as many times as needed.

Collect Eggs:

With 80 emblems, you can get a shiny orange egg. 100 emblems for silver egg and 150 for gold egg from the Black Market (Remember Wich is at the kindergarten).

Hard Egg Golem Cheat:

First of all, select Story Mode and Hero Story. Pick the movie scene "Shuttle Blast-Off" and by the moment you choose it, repeatedly clicking on the A button, and there will be a bunny dresses like Santa Claus coming out of the door in the beginning. Once the movie finished, Egg Gollem will move faster and it won’t give you much time to get on its back.

Notes: This also works with Dark Side in the movie scene "Hidden Base Intercept". This trick should work most of the time, but sometime might not work.

Ghost Chao:

You’ll need to have a White Chao (or Shiny White, cost more) then hatch it and go to church mountain (it will look like a castle) at Pumpkin Hill. There should be a graveyard nearby with a ghost dog. Grab the dogand go back to Chao garden, then give the ghost dog to your white Chao.

Keep on doing this until your Chao’s legs disappear (this won’t affect to its speed). Once done, give it the broken white eggshell, your Chao will look like and awesome ghost. You could even make it better by turning it into Dark Chao.

To have Immortal Chaos, following these steps:

Evolve 2 times Chaos (could be Light, Dark or Neutral) to transform them from Child to Adult.

Have them to be exposed to all animal at least 1 times.

Transforming them in their corresponding garden.

Infinate speed boots:

From 2 player’s mode, you could get Infinite speed boots during City escape. To do so, first collect 80 rings but not more than that as it will mess you up if you have around 90 rings. Use the first 20 rings to get of your Snow Board. Try to pass all the robots in the beginning with the most rings you can get.

After that get the homing attack rings in the part where those cylinders are, then collect some at the downhill rings. Going up stair where the hovering robot is, pass it and hit the continue mark.You should have speed boots if you only have 80 rings, then hurry up and do the Spin dash on the ramp in order to hit another pair of speed boots. Patient for few seconds and you’ll see Infinite speed boots with city escape song.

Some tips to raise Chaos:

The only way to make your Chao love you is caring for your Chao.

Every time you visit the garden, remember to feed your Chaos.

Always give your chaos at least one chaos drive/animal.

Battle between Sonic & shadow:

To attack Shadow easier, following these tips:

Try to get in front of Shadow.

Wait until he make the Teleport move

Right when he about to Teleport, hold down your B to turn yourself into a spinning ball.

Release the B button and you should be able to launch

Just hit Shadow like that and repeat couple of times, you’ll able to Defeat him.


With 12 to 15 hours of gameplay, Sonic Adventure 2 is an addictive platform game, it keeps making youwant to come back and enjoy the game more and more. By choosing a different path from the original, Sonic Adventure 2 takes a more direct approach to platform gaming, it gives so many great things to fans compare to the first game.

Fireboy and Watergirl Cheats. (Review)

Fireboy and Watergirl is an amazing fun adventure game. Help the Watergirl to putt off Fireboy in the jungle and run for complete the levels in the forest just tap to run and escape the pitfalls in your world adventure!

This is a fun game, but make sure you will find second person to play, because the game is for 2 people. You can also play this game right in your browser here: …

Note: You can play Fireboy and Watergirl for free on  Try it now!

How to play

The game is pretty simple, you just need to tap the screen to let the Watergirl jump. Next step is put off Fireboy as you can to make high score,please remember do not fall off the stones and monsters. The last step is you will jump to the end of the jungle world to pass the level.


As an easy and fun game, it’s for everyone. This free running Watergirl game is for all runner and jumper lover. And players claim that they have an awesome game Modes in Crazy world, that’s why you need to activate your brain to win this exciting game.

Besides, they provide online challenge with beautiful graphic design.



Today we will introduce 2 ways to cheat the game:

1. Run hack Android

We can feel confident that our Fireboy and Watergirl 3 “Run Hack Android” is the fastest tool! They have a stable server can support thousands of users without any delay cause for user.

You can enjoy the game by getting the Fireboy and Watergirl 3 Run Hack Android. If you want to enhance your account with unlimited resources and unlock all VIP features, this is your answer.

The good news is that this tool works for all devices. You can use our tool without problems. Just enjoy and dominate the game with your account! We also introduced the features of AntiBan using the Proxy settings. It has 256-bit SSL, to make your account as secure as possible. This hack tools work perfectly and do not even require your device to be rooted or jail broken! Very simple to use by anyone and it has a very friendly interface.

2. The Light Maze

The Light Maze cheats to hack free purchases and obtain many extras in game for free. These are Cheat Codes that can be activated within minutes. Fireboy and Watergirl. They are 100% safe to enter. You can copy and paste these Cheats for Fireboy and Watergirl.

Its device runs both on Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad). There is no need for root your Android smartphone or jail break your iOS smartphone (hack supports version iOS 8.4.1 +). The Light Maze hack has been proved to work with the recent version on many Android and iOS devices.

You don’t want to download and reinstall Fireboy and Watergirl. The Light Maze Hack makes your playing experience more entertaining. Type the following cheat codes to activate its corresponding hack mode within the game to get free resources.


This game versions are very popular. You can play not only online with pc or browser, but also you can download for iphone, ios or android devices. If sometimes game seems pretty difficult, there are a few cheats for this game.

Cheats and cheat codes working for all devices where you playing Fireboy and Watergirl. Start cheats, enjoy the game again and don’t forget to say thanks to our team!


Dragon Age: Inquisition - Weapon and Armor Crafting Guide. (Review)

Weapon Schematicsare blueprints used to craft class-restrictive weapons in Dragon Age: Inquisition using crafting materials.

Crafting is by far one of the best ways to get strong and unique weapons and armor for your characters. These schematics can be used to craft certain weapons and weapon modifications, which can be personalized by using variations of ingredients to build items for specific purposes. We will discuss in this article to see which weapons are the absolute best for every class.

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1. How to acquire schematics

To craft, you need to own some schematics - either in a cabinet or bought from a merchant in Val Royeaux. You may have had some without thinking about it when completing the task. I’d recommend downloading 'Black Emporium' DLC too. This is where you can buy rare schematics that produce powerful weapons and armor.

2. Tiered schematics

All schematics have a tier of one, two or three. Tier three schematics yield the strongest weapons but also requires the most materials. At the start of the game you will find tier one schematics, while, you are more likely to find tier three ones from fulfilling more challenging tasks.

3. Modify bought or found weapons

Just because you have gained a decent weapon, it doesn’t mean it can’t be improved! I didn’t have a clue what a “notched grip schematic” was at first, then I realized it was to craft a mod for a weapon. When you start crafting you realize how much of a difference madding the handle of a weapon can make!

Some schematics are to make new weapons while others are to modify aspects of existing weapons. The modification schematics for existing ones are called ‘upgrades’. Rare, powerful weapons can be made and improved by madding handles and grips for instance.

To craft them head to the ‘create armor’ or ‘create weapons’ stands and scroll down your schematics until you hit the ‘hafts’ and ‘grips’ etc. Then craft your upgrade. Upgrades then need to be assigned to a specific weapon or armor. This is done at the “modify weapons” or “modify armor” stand in Undercroft – not the creation ones.

4. How to acquire materials

Materials can be picked up from the ground in any other mission position aside from Sky hold and Val Royeaux. Simply search around looking for materials in your area nearby. If you stand in front of one, it will stand out, and then you can pick it up.

5. How to source better materials

There is a perk that can be unlocked in the War Room that increases the amount of raw materials/herbs found. My advice is unlocking this when you start crafting as you will pick up 8x iron for instance, instead of 3x iron.

Some Inquisition Perks require obtaining materials for crafting at the cost of 1 Inquisition Perk instead of cash. For example, this is Josephine’s ‘The Rare Stocks’ which brings in a shipment of rare and valuable materials for crafting.

6. Don’t be afraid to sell unused weapons

Your inventory fills up pretty quickly! While it’s tempting to hang on to some of the rarer weapons, once your characters have better ones you may as well sell them.

There is another perk of a similar nature that unlocks a 10% discount from merchants. My point is unlocking these before investing in a rare weapon or armor.

Make sure you strip your weapons and armor of any mods you want to hang on to before selling to the merchant. This can be done at the ‘modify weapons’ or ‘modify armor’ tables at Sky hold’s Undercroft. Upgrades that have been stripped off weapons and armor can be reused on other items.

7. How to craft using materials?

Okay, so I got a little sidetracked in making sure you are hell prepared for crafting in the most efficient way possible, now it’s time to get crafting! Head to Undercroft at Sky hold and visit the ‘create weapons’ or ‘create armor’ workbench depending on which you want to craft.


You spend several of those hours at the crafting tables, creating and enhancing armor and weapons using the metals and herbs you collect along the way. If there's anything that slows down exploration, it's the frequent searching and collection of elf root and serpent stone. If you could do with a helping hand, or just want to make sure you’ve covered all bases then this guide can help you out.




Dark Souls 2 Cheats (Review).

Dark Souls II is a difficult game, which everyone must recognize. But for passionate gamers who have spent time plowing for the past half year or are familiar with their predecessors Dark Souls, perhaps the most vicious bosses will be hard pressed to stop them. That's why we've put together a few tips to make it easier for you to reach Dark Souls II.

1. Invincibilty God Mode: 

The Cheat Invincibility is thought to work best on specific operating system versions that are found on the PC version of Dark Souls II. However, it takes time to verify:

  • Attacked by any monster.
  • Disconnect immediately if you are attacked to death.
  • When the time comes, you will become immortal throughout the rest of the game, and the only thing that gets you down is when you fall into the void.

Here is a tip to help you get an unlimited number of gems and souls in Dark Souls II. The above method is not only made on the PS3 version of the game but also works well on the Xbox 360 and PC versions.

 2. These tips are extremely simple and easy to do right?

When you find a precious gem, try to find a way to jump out of the game if you see your deadly future. And when you return to the game, you will see all of your gems still intact and you can start the new process to have an infinite amount of gems.

3. Restore your human form from time to time:

We all know that staying hollow for so long will be very detrimental, especially when you have to kill the boss. That's why we give you a tip to restore your human form from time to time. You can restore 300 souls based on life-time protection at the No Man's Wharf

4. The way people use to restore human form is to use Effigies.

By dealing with Dyna &Tillo, you can have a stockpile of Effigies. This pair of twins can be found in things Betwixt inside the nest on a cliff through the Fire Keeper's Dwelling Bonfire. They will give you a random items ((Prism Stone, Small Smooth and Silky Stone, Smooth and Silky Stone, Petrified Something) to exchange if you put some items on their nest.

 5. Restore your network an unlimited number

Users on Reddit have found another trick to restore your network an unlimited number. To do that, you must undead and no Effigies are allowed in your inventory.

6.  There are some cheats for PC below:

Easy trick to defeat the executioner’s chariot boss: Firstly, kill Necromancer along with any skeletons nearby. Stand in the door area and cast Affinity, as the tank passes, magic attacks it, and you can kill Chariot bosses without having to go deep into the area.

Change character gender: Behind the small beach graveyard after Betwixt, you will see a partially opened coffin. When you jump into the coffin, you can transfer the gender to the coffin.

Unlimited souls (exploit): You can relive many times by finding a corpse with an object or soul, stealing them and leaping out of the nearest edge. As soon as you die, press the appropriate button to exit the game. When you reboot, what you picked up will be in your repository.

Fall wall in No-Man’s Wharf: There are two guards sleep at the table, near theedge of No-Man's Wharf is a small room full of jars containing poison. The wall behind them is hidding a number of Souls and the useful Royal Soldiers Ring.


Although considered a difficult game, Dark Souls II still has ways to overcome. And to win, use the cheats that we suggest for you. Good luck!


medieval 2 total war console commands

Today topic will be circulated the cheats for Medieval II. Firstly, open the console by hitting the key, or the @ key on some keyboards, or the ò key on italian keyboards, the ù key on the French keyboard, or the ñ key on Spanish keyboards, or the ö key on German keyboards, or the ø key on the Norwegian keyboards. Then you can enter any of the cheats listed in the sections below.

1. A note on multiword names:

If you need to specify the name of a city, character, etc. that is more than one word then you have to put quotes around it. Use this for characters who have a surname.

However, if the character has a preposition in his or her name, such as; "of", "von", "ah", etc... (the preposition is always lower-cased and before the name of a city, region, or country), then you must enter the character's name in the cheat like this, for example, give_trait "Dietrich von_Saxony" <trait name>. Make sure the name is correctly spelled and capitalized.

If a character has a first and a last name as well as a name of a city, region or country, you must put an underscore between the first and last name, then a space, and then the second portion. For example: 'MaelBrigde mac Broccin' must translate to 'Mael_Brigde mac_Broccin'.

However, sometimes the game will forget there needs to be an underscore (especially during the first turn), or even if the character has a last name or hails from a certain area, such as a character who gains a title for a last name. If this happens, either save and load to reset, or wait until the next turn.

For instance, if Dietrich von Saxony gained a title after his first name, and lost the "von Saxony" part, then next turn, or the next time you reload, all you should have to enter is give_trait "Dietrich" <trait name>.

If the character's name contains a dash, be sure to include it. Names such as "Muhammad Al-Mustansir" will work, because of the dash, so don't worry about those. No matter what the character's name is, it is possible to enter the name in a cheat. Just make sure you use the "".

Another simple way to give a character trait is to bring the character out of the city, then highlighting the character card and just type give_trait this <trait name>. It only works when the character is not located in a city or fort.

2. Strategic map cheats


E.g., add_money 40000. This will give you that much money. The maximum possible you can get from this is 40,000 at a time, but you can enter it many times. Try pressing the "arrow up" to enter the last entry so if you type Enter, Arrow Up, Enter, Arrow Up etc. you have a lot of cash without much typing.

add_population<city name><amount>

E.g., add_population London 3000. Adds the specified population (limit is 4000). Negative amounts of population can also be 'added' to raise public order, e.g., add_population London -3000. A settlement's population will not drop under 400.

auto_win "attacker/defender" make sure to put the one you want or you could acceidentally destroy a good portion of your army. May result in "draw".

Wins the next automated battle.

kill_character<character name>

Kills the respective character. May not work.

process_cq<city name>

E.g., process_cq London. Finish building every building in the construction queue of the city. You still have to pay for the buildings.


Not really a cheat but useful for modding, and moving around characters faster, if you use the move_character cheat. Gives co-ordinates (in x,y, form) and region name of the location under your cursor.


E.g., move_character Anselm,197,94, Very useful for assassination and emissary missions. Lets you instantly transport a character (z) to any valid point on the map. Use the show_cursorstat cheat to get the x and y coordinates. There are no spaces between the commas.


Turns the normal Fog of War on or off depending on initial state. Do be aware that if you have the Fog of War off, and decide to end your turn, then it will take a lot longer to get to your next turn, because the movements of every character on the map will be shown and waited for.


Not really a cheat but useful for modding, displays the information from map_regions, climates, groundtypes and features files overlayed on strategic map. See this post for details.

create_unit<desired general or settlement><desired unit's name><number of units (1-5)><experience level (1-9)><armor level (1-3)><weapon level (1-3)>

E.g., create_unit Jerusalem "Knights Templar" 5 9 3 3. You now have 5 Knights Templar with 9 experience and level 3 weapons and armor in Jerusalem. A note from experience, some unit names are different. Like for instance, if you want Retinue Longbowmen, you have to enter "Dismounted Longbowmen". All names can be found in the "export_descr_buildings" file, under the buildings where you would normally recruit them. See also Medieval II Unit IDs.

give_trait<character name><desired trait name><desired trait level (1-5)>

Incredibly useful, allows you to give any trait to any character in your faction. E.g. give_trait Rufus Fertile 3. This will grant him the "Prolific" trait, and so he will have four kids in no time. The traits can all be found in "export _descr_character_traits" file, which is incredibly long.

Note: If for example give_trait Edmund Canmore GoodCommander 5 doesn't work you can to try to select Edmund Canmore and then type in the CheatConsole, or whatever it is, give_trait this GoodCommander 5. Always works.

give_ancillary<desired character> "<desired ancillary>"

E.g., give_ancillaryTostig "assassins_blade". The ancillary must be in quotes and lowercase.

character_reset<character name>

E.g, character_reset Richard. Resets that character's movement points, can be very useful.

surrender_regions<Desired faction>

E.g surrender_regions Mongols. Gives all of the faction’s settlements to the rebels.

Unit creation cheats

These are all basically Timurid or Mongol units, which are devastating on the battlefield. You can use them against the Timurids or the Mongols to even the odds.

Elephant Units

madras- Elephants, plain no-frills elephants, have archers on their backs, and can stomp, not as fun as the next two can be.

rogan- Elephant Artillery, elephants armed with cannons, a lot less vulnerable than normal cannons, because they can stomp anyone that tries to attack them

vindaloo- Elephant Rocketeer, elephants armed with Rocket Launchers, as the in-game description says, they are devestating to say the least. Incredibly fun for blowing apart a grand army or majestic city. Just like all elephant units, can stomp anyone that gets past the rockets, or hasn't run for his life fast enough.

Be aware, the elephants can run amok if they get too spooked, try to keep them from being attacked with arrows, especially flaming ones, and make sure they don't shoot each other. If you ever played as Carthage, Seleucids or Parthia in Rome: TW you know how bad that can be.

Artillery Units

houston- Mercenary Rocket Launcher - Blasts away anyone unlucky enough to be in their way. The rockets are a bit inaccurate.

george- Mercenary Monster Ribault, fires about 30 guns on a rack, can be devastating with the right placement.

istanbul- Mercenary Monster Bombard, the big ol' gun at the end of the intro video. Fires a half-ton cannonball that looks really cool. Will blast a massive hole through an enemy wall with one shot (two for the strongest). You could try using it against an army, but it only has about 20 shots, and is meant for bigger targets.

Remember that unlike elephants, these units are vulnerable to cavalry, so make sure to keep them protected.

 Battle map cheats

jericho- Breaches the walls of the city during a siege. It only works on Rome: Total War and not Medieval 2: Total War, though the sound effects of crumbling walls can still be heard

3. Tips

Copying cheats

If you type in a long cheat and want to use it again, rather than type the whole thing out again, simply press up key. This will show the latest thing that was typed in the ~ console. Press up twice and you get the second latest thing.


~ console 'add_money 40000 - this will give 40,000 money to your faction. 'add_money -3522' - this will take 3,522 money from your faction.

Creating new units

Units can be added to cities, captain armies, general armies and fleets for both your faction, ally factions and enemy factions. The process of adding units is the same for all three.

4. Creating a unit in a settlement

~ console 'create_unit "Settlement Name" "Unit" 5 9 3 2', where 5 is the number or units, 9 the experience upgrades, 3 the attack upgrades and 2 the defenceupgades. For example, 'create_unit "Milan" "Italian Spear Militia" 5 9 3 2. This will give 5 Italian Spear Militia with 9 exp, 3 attack and 2 defence.

5. Creating a unit in an army

~ console 'create_unit "Name" "Unit" 7 2 3 3, where "Name" is either Captain Henry(Captain) or Phillip de Boubon (family member) - note that some Egyptian and Turkish family members cannot be moved or added to as their names have characters that are not on English keyboards.

6. Creating a unit in a fleet

~ console 'create_unit "admiral name" "ship" 5 9 3 3, note admiral name and ship must be in all lowercase, unlike land units which must start with uppercase. For example, 'create_unit "admiral william" "dhow' 5 9 3 3.

7. Instant create unit

There are some exceptions to the usual adding unit cheat. Some units can be added by simply typing clicking an army or settlement and typing in ~console "name". For example, click Jerusalem and type 'Vindaloo'.

This will give one unit of mounted rocketeer elephant. The more times you type it, the more times it will appear. Adding these units this way doesn't allow you to customise their exp, attack and defence upgrades.

8. Moving units

Short distance movements

~ console 'character_reset "name". This resets the movement points of armies, fleets and agents and allows agents to engage in missions multiple times.

Long distance movements, Move your mouse cursor where you want an army or agent to be moved to. Then type in the ~ consle 'show_cursorstat'. This will give the coordinates of the mouse - it should look something like '163, 82'. Then find the army or agent you want to move and type in 'move_character "name" 163 82'. For example 'show_cursorstat = 46, 37, move_character "Captain Bob" 46 37.

9. Instant build qued buildings

Click a settlement then que up all the buildings you want built. Then ~ console 'process_cq "Settlement name". Each time enter is pressed, one of the qued buildings will instantly be built. Contine pressing up and enter to build all qued buildings.

Buildings can also be qued for other factions. ~ console 'process_cq "Settlement name". It doesn't always work however, as you cannot know whether the enemy has buildings qued up or not.

To make a better chance at calling a crusade send a diplomat to the Pope and give him a gift, then call the crusade.


I have found that in the beginning of campaigns it is best to not worry about building a great army, but building a great economy. Get all the income products (farms, mines, clothing ect..) then tax high to very high for a while. Then get as many of the technologies and buildings as possible.

In addition, you have to spend for support cost for your army, the larger army, the larger the cost for support. If your army grows too big, your support cost becomes more than your income then you lose money.

Chrono Trigger – A great JRPG game. (Review)

Chrono Trigger was originally released for the Super Nintendo in 1995 in Japan and recently celebrated its 20 years old. Over the past 2 decades, the classic JRPG has been ported to different epic versions and platforms with some updated additions and enhancements added along the game.

Today we will compare the best and worst versions of Chrono Trigger over a time.

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1) Why chrono trigger is worth playing

Chrono Trigger broke several new landscapes, the first of which is the combat system. You control a party of up to three heroes at a time, fighting foes right where you encounter them in the environment. There's no visual cut-away to some separate battlefield screen like in so many other RPGs – here, you see a baddie and you attack it right there. If you wait until multiple members of your three-person team are ready to act, you can perform powerful Double or Triple Techs.

The time-traveling concept set Chrono Trigger as its many different eras of time to get new members, explore new locations and alter history. Your actions in the past accurately influence the future. You will be able to fight the last boss at different points during the story to unlock new endings via the new game plus. That alone would have made Chrono Trigger a hit – but time travel was just the first of its many special qualities.

2) Snes and WII virtual console versions

Chrono Trigger was first debut for the SNES on August 22, 1995. It would eventually be made available on the Virtual Console of the Nintendo Wii on May 16, 2011.

The original version is still perfectly playable and better in some ways when compared to the Android, iOS and PSOne releases,though it does not have the extra features that were added in the later iterations. In fact, it is the most expensive version as the cartridge has become a collector’s item over the years.

So you may want to download the original from the Virtual Console instead.You can find the price for the SNES release of Chrono Trigger on Amazon.

3) Final Fantasy chronicles and PSN versions

Square Enix released Chrono Trigger along with Final Fantasy IV under the collection named Final Fantasy Chronicles on June 29, 2001. Their intention is to help PlayStation fans familiar with the series before the launch of Chrono Cross. They were available for download on the PlayStation 3, PSP and Vita starting on October 4, 2011.

The anime-style cut scenes together with an extras menu were added in PS1version that allows you replay unlocked cinematic and songs from the game. Unfortunately, the port was plagued by longer load times when opening the in-game menu, entering into new areas as well as transitioning in to and out of battle.

While it is still playable, the downtime can really hinder the experience. You can get the disc release, which can be played on the PS1, PS2 and PS3.

4) Nintendo DS version

Square Enix eventually ported the game to the Nintendo DS with all of the extras from the PS1 version along with some exclusive content on November 25, 2008. The company decided to update the rough translation while adding in two new areas (Dimensional Vortex and Lost Sanctum), a monster-training mini-game with Arena of the Ages, automatic running in addition to an extra ending that ties the first installment to Chrono Cross.

Thanks to the improved translation and added features, Chrono Trigger offers plenty of incentives for those who have already played the original to death to play through the new version. You can purchase the DS release, which is compatible with the DS and 3DS platforms, with this page.

5) IOS and Android versions

Chrono Trigger was also released to smart phones with the iOS version on December 8, 2011, while the Android port came out on October 29, 2012, almost a year later.

The iOS and Android releases are straight ports of the Nintendo DS version without the inclusion of the anime cut scenes. Players have to use the touch screen instead of a traditional game pad, which cause the inaccuracy during the game, also the screens are blocked by fingers.

So, if you can’t play the game on any other platforms we mentioned above, iOS and Android versions are not really a good option.

6) Rankings

Overall, we offer their opinion opposing the Nintendo DS iteration if possible. Otherwise, the original and Virtual Console releases should be awesome too. If you can deal with the loading issues, the PS1 and PSN versions are great too, especially since you can play them on multiple PlayStation platforms.

Finally, iOS and Android ports should be skipped unless you have no other options to play the JRPG. You can refer to our rankings, from the best to worst versions, for Chrono Trigger below:

  1. Nintendo DS Version
  2. SNES and Wii Virtual Console Versions
  3. Final Fantasy Chronicles and PSN Versions
  4. iOS and Android Versions


It's been an interesting journey, with some of us reliving bits and pieces of our childhoods and others discovering these titles for the very first time. And now, with Chrono Trigger, it feels like the journey's come to an end. Chrono Trigger is one of the best video games ever made that are timeless and have aged well over the years.

You should check it out if you somehow managed to skip the JRPG over the past 20 years. Just make sure you play the Nintendo DS version if you want to get the best experience.


This is why madden isn't on PC review

Football lovers who play their games on PC will be informed by now that EA hasn’t public a Madden game on the platform for a while. As the matter of fact, the last title in the franchise to release on the platform was in 2007.As such a huge franchise for EA Sports, some players may be wondering why the franchise’s latest releases miss the platform out. Well, it turns out that while Madden may sell its fair share of copies on consoles, there’s just no demand or sufficient interest for it on PC on the market right now.

The reason that Madden is not on the PC:

During an interview with GameInformer, Senior Vice President of EA Sports, Matt Bilbey said, “PC is literally based on demand. There’s still the high demand for FIFA on the PC globally because of the global appetite for the game. I think that’s less so with Madden, but I think if that changes and an opportunity presents itself, I think we would definitely leverage the opportunity.”

EA Tiburon added: “Yeah, I think with Madden in particular, it used to be a good business, and then it declined and the economics just didn't make sense anymore. Then the compounding problem is that I guess in the last four or five we get away from PC development, it becomes more and more difficult to get back to it. We're open to it; it's just a matter of when's the right time and when does the opportunity make sense”.

Bilbey continued “I think part of the vision you've heard about aligning on [the Frostbite engine] as a company makes that a lot easier going forward, because Frostbite is a very core PC engine that has the ability to move across consoles, up and down”.



In the end, though it’s fairly disappointing to hear, it’s not a final option. EA Sports awaiting a rise in the demand for Madden to hit the platform soon, they’d be willing to give it a try.




Xbox 360 Elite: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

Microsoft just released the latest version of their well-known gaming console, the Xbox 360 Elite with the price $479, together with Xbox 360 Core and Xbox 360 Premium, to join in the competition with their rival Sony PlayStation.

This Elite Version will be a permanent addition to the Xbox 360 lineup, not a limited-edition offering as rumors have speculated before.

Microsoft has equipped the new Xbox with a 120GB hard drive and an HDMI port to make the 360 comparable to the PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 Elite won't be replacing either of the current models, mostly because its advanced feature set is designed to appeal to enthusiasts and early adopters - the two consumer groups willing to spend more than $399 on a game console.

 1)    System Comparison

A table below is to show you the differences between all three Xbox 360 console packages.
Xbox 360 Elite Xbox 360 Premium Xbox 360 Core
Price $479 $399 $299
Finish Black w/ chrome trim White w/ chrome trim White w/ plain trim
Hard drive 120GB 20GB None
Controller Wireless, black Wireless, white Wired, white
Xbox Live Headset Yes Yes No
HDMI port Yes No No
HDMI cable Yes No No
Composite AV cable Yes Yes Yes
Component HD AV cable Yes Yes No
Ethernet cable Yes Yes No

The the most optimal point of the Xbox 360 Elite is the 120GB hard drive and the brand new HDMI port that supports 1080p movie playback. Larger hard drive will let the owners store more games and easily download all the HD videos Xbox Live Marketplace. But please note that the Elite system does not have a built-in HD-DVD player, which is somewhat, a minus point since even the basic $499 PlayStation 3 comes with a Blu-ray drive.

Aside from the hard drive and HDMI differences, the underlying hardware in all three models remains the same. Maybe we're all going to have to wait a little while longer for that smaller, cooler CPU design in the nearest future.

2)    Accessories

The Xbox 360 Elite has a new black and chrome color scheme and the package includes a matching black wireless controller and headset - which is completely different from the 2 older versions. Additional controllers will retail for $49.

As usual, Microsoft will also sell the Xbox 360 Play & Charge kits and Xbox 360 rechargeable accessories separately for $19 and $11, but unfortunately they still don't have any plan to offer the black versions of other popular accessories such as the Xbox Live Vision camera or the Xbox 360 HD-DVD player.

3)    Upgrade Options

A $179 120GB detachable hard drive will be offered for all existing Xbox 360 owners as a stand-alone upgrade, to make it easy for console owners to move data from their old 20GB drive to the new 120GB drive. The price is expected to fall as people put their old drives up for sale.

Transferring hard drive information will be a little more complicated for people planning to move from the Xbox 360 Premium to an Xbox 360 Elite since a lot of Xbox Marketplace content is tied to your Xbox Live profile and the console you're using at the time of purchase. That means console owners will have trouble using a data-transfer cable to copy all the downloaded content from an existing 20GB system to a completely new Elite system.

Once you switch systems, the only way to get at that content will be to log into Xbox Live with the account that you used to make the original purchase. Other accounts on the new system won't be able to access the downloaded content.

Microsoft is working on a solution to the Premium-to-Elite data transfer issue and told GameSpot that it will release more information as we get closer to launch.

The Xbox 360 Elite system, black accessories, and stand-alone 120GB hard drive upgrade will all be available in retail on April 29, 2007. Till then, what do you think about this new upgraded version? Is it worth the $479 or not?





Chakan Story

"I hunt the ancient evils and return them to their shadowy realm. Yet, I am forbidden the peace of death's grasp."

-- Chakan, The Forever Man The Compendium Art & Stories by Robert A. Kraus

"A boast I once made and won in fair trade life without end. I wander this land, my sword fills my hand, and no man my friend. To foul fearsome things and vile undead kings I must lay waste. Death feeds my dreams with infernal screams my soul is unplaced. Death sends me fear from every dark sphere. My life is woe. Pain feeds my thoughts all joy soon forgot. Thou death, let me go." --Chakan

Conceptual Artwork

Chakan can acquire vials of liquid that when mixed together act as powerful potions. Alchemy potions can be used to heal Chakan, increase the power of his weapons, kill or weaken his enemies, change features in the world, open portals to the future and past, and even transport him to other worlds and planes of existence.

Rogue's Gallery




More Chakan Art


Chakan can jump, roll, run, ride vehicles and creatures, and fight with weapons in both hands.


Chakan In Progress

Here are some renderings done with the Dreamcast-resolution model.




Learn about Chakan!


Virtual Ocean

Virtual Ocean Intro

Virtual Ocean is a place:

∎ of beauty to explore and enjoy

∎ of danger to fight or avoid

∎ where you play as a Dolphin, Orca or a Great White

∎ where joining a pod and teamwork keeps you alive!

∎ where you feel like you are in one of those magical paintings by Lassen

∎ where the ocean is alive with magic

∎ where songs have power

∎ where language is music to your ears

Welcome to the Aquaverse

Aquaverse 1

Leave your human body at the shore when you enter the Virtual Ocean. Mankind is long gone, and the once noisy seas are now alive with the power of whale song. Whales and dolphins have become the new masters of a flooded world, filled with interesting behaviors, artifacts and terrain features to "fly" through and explore.

To exist in the ocean, you must learn the rules of the deep: how to hunt; how to fight; how to communicate and even how to breathe. You will discover alliances as a means to long-term survival. There's safety in numbers, and feeding is a lot easier when you belong to a pod.

Whale speech has evolved into powerful songs which are used to communicate, defend, and explore. Powerful visual effects let you see sounds as whales do. Songs can also be used for attack and defense. Cetaceans may be the masters, but the Sharks are powerful too - and they have a slightly different point of view…

The ocean is a beautiful place, but it can also be dangerous.

Enter the Virtual Ocean to explore underwater and lurk among the dangers that exist. Communicate with other players with whom you can form an alliance. Protect yourself from the dangers of a Great White with teamwork.

A unique text-to-whale-speech translator lets you “hear” whale talk. You can send messages, even images and maps. Whale songs are carried on sound waves in the Virtual Ocean, the way real whale songs are.

And just as real sharks can detect electrical currents for hundreds of miles around them, sharks in the Virtual Ocean also communicate using electro-pulses.

The sharks in the Virtual Ocean have the ability to send and receive these electrical messages transmitted through the water.

Aquaverse 2 Aquaverse 3 Aquaverse Aquaverse 5

Aquaverse 6 Aquaverse 7 Aquaverse 8 Aquaverse 9

Game World Features

The Virtual Ocean consists of several enclosed seas. (New seas will be added when the present ones get too full of players.) Whales and sharks can swim between the seas through undersea tunnels, artificial canals, and narrow channels that are opened as need be.

Some features of the Virtual Ocean include:

Bays and Lagoons Shallow bays and lagoons rich with fish offer safe harbor from sharks.

Canyons Canyons twice as deep as those on the surface are filed with extraordinary forms of life.

Caverns Secrets are hidden in caves. But you better have a map before you explore too far.

Currents Swift undersea currents work like one-way expressways.

Human Artifacts Human technology can be operated if the player has the right power song. Whales learned how to run farms from humans.

Volcanic Fissures Steaming cracks in the sea floor can erupt and lava will pour out. Exotic and dangerous life forms that feed on volcanic gases can be found in these fissures.

Real and Fantastic Life Forms The life in the Virtual Ocean will look like the creatures and plants in the seas of today as well as highly evolved life forms of the future that have been enlivened by the power of song.

In Progress

Learn about Virtual Ocean!

Nooks & Crannies

nooks & crannies

Special Offer

Nooks & Crannies is the first real game with artificial life characters; little alien Nooks and Crannies. Imagine virtual cock-fighting with your own alien pets. Feed-em, Kill-em, Evolve-em, then send them on one daunting mission after another. Its Creatures meets Command & Conquer in lush 3D alien worlds, seen through a fully controllable camera. You can even breed them on your Palm Pilot and upload them to your PC. Nooks and Crannies -- it's not just a game, it's a hobby.

Nooks & Crannies Story

Mix’em. Match ‘em. Kill ‘em.

2509 AD Two strange new species have been found in an unmapped sector of the stars, nicknamed Nooks and Crannies by their discoverers.

Nooks are squat slimy salamandery thugs and Crannies are disgusting rubbery evil-looking things. Both creatures have sour dispositions and notoriously short fuses. They can change from mild annoyance to murderous rage in a flash. They are true sociopaths, jealous, selfish and violent, and will kill each other over the slightest provocation. Which is a good thing because Nooks and Crannies multiply as fast as fruit flies.

There are no laws out here. You can do with them what you will. Go ahead. Have fun.



Evolve a unique "tribe" according to game demands and personal strategy. Each retail copy contains the DNA of a unique Nook and Cranny which you use as breeding stock.

Characteristic movements and poses communicate volumes about their feelings, and their mischievous, violent and humorous nature will keep your attention. Nooks and Crannies react to their surroundings in complex and unpredictable ways. But you have the ability to make them behave the way you want them to behave.

Supports a wide spectrum of gameplay styles. A nearly infinite set of possibilities means that you’ll find plenty of "meat" to sink your teeth into, even if you’re a perfectionist.

D3D support for 3D characters in a 3D world. You control the camera, giving you full freedom over the viewing angle and position.

Selectively evolve individuals to emphasize attributes such as speed and aggression. Don't be constrained by the limited "AI" scripts employed in first- and second-generation real-time strategy games. "A-Life" algorithms enable Nooks and Crannies to cope with situations never even considered by the designers.

The Nooks & Crannies Post Office lets you email individual Nooks and Crannies--even entire tribes-- to other players. This option is unique. Since Nooks and Crannies are artificial life forms, they have genes, or RNA, an encrypted string of values that can be emailed to others who have the game. You can share your tribe with others either to stage autonomous wars or build secret alliances.

Accessories can be downloaded from a Nooks & Crannies web site. These include genetic-accelerating food, an RNA editor, cage parts used to build training environments and viruses that only attack Nooks or Crannies.

Single Player and Multi-player. The game is designed to be played many different ways:

  1. Single player, mission based or free-form strategic play.
  2. Over a LAN with (4-8) players.
  3. One-on-one modem play.
  4. Internet (Mpath, Kali).
  5. Email using the Nooks & Crannies Post Office.

Screens & Game Play

Nooks and Crannies is a unique action and strategy game, featuring high level combat strategy combined with real time artificial life algorithms.

nook0th nook1th nook6th
Your Nooks or Crannies are your soldiers, your pets (even, dare we say, your children). Over the course of the game you evolve and grow your "tribe" - sculpting their attributes and attitudes. Since you raise, train, and evolve your tribe, the more time you invest in the game the stronger the attachment with your tribe will become.


nook2th nook3th nook4th nook5th
nook7th nook8th nook9th nook10th
nook11th nook12th nook13th nook14th
nook15th nook16th


Nooks & Crannies Both are about two feet tall and appear to very stupid. Nooks are squat, and have deep sunken eyes. Crannies have a weird head and an angry look.

Nooks & Crannies expel wastes by belching gases rich in methane. This characteristic was especially repellent to their discoverers and may have helped convince them that it would not only be fun to violate the Prime Directive, it might even be doing these creatures a favor.

Senses Nooks and Crannies' primary sense organs are their eyes. Range of sight varies from individual to individual. Improved sight can be cultivated into Nooks or Crannies.

Nooks and Crannies typically have poor hearing, but this can be improved through selective evolution.

Food Nooks and Crannies are motivated by food. When they get hungry they look for food and when they find it they eat it. It takes a pretty serious hatred to keep a Nook or Cranny from its food. When a Nook or Cranny searches for food, the first place it goes is the last place it ate. If that food is gone, the next place it goes is the last place it killed something, because food crystals grow from corpses.

Both Nooks and Crannies will become jealous if they see another Nook or Cranny eating, especially if they are hungry.

In Progress

Learn about Nooks & Crannies!

Mort the Chicken

Mort the Chicken

Mort the Chicken Story:

Mort lives in an alternate universe, exactly like ours, except that chickens are the dominant species. On this chicken planet, Mort is the star of his own television series, an animated series of shorts called The Mort the Chicken Show. It takes place on a farm, and depicts the adventures of Mort as he saves his little chicken community from a wide variety of dangers. (Although other chickens speak, Mort does not. His squawks, however, are highly expressive.)

mort tall

What the chickens in this world have never known is that there is another species living in a dimension parallel to theirs, a strange species of cube-like creatures called The Boolyon, who occupy a world of right angles and rigid geometry.

And Boolyon scientists have only recently realized that there is a world outside their own, inhabited by chickens. Due to a huge misunderstanding, the Boolyon elite come to believe that this chicken world is holding cubes as slaves and prisoners. Despite the protests of lesser Boolyon, the Boolyon leaders decide to snatch some baby chickens to hold as hostage until the "cubes are free."

mort toonx

Mort is performing in his television show when the Boolyon raid occurs. An interdimensional gate opens in the well and the Boolyon begin grabbing chicks left and right before anybody can react. Check Out the Cartoon!

When the dust has cleared, every chick on the farm has gone, and the roosters and hens are dashing around like, well, chickens with their heads cut off.

Except for one chicken -- Mort. Like a fearless Clint Eastwood, with feathers and the ability to cluck, Mort dives into the well, to rescue the chicks or perish in the effort.

Mort the Chicken


Mort acts like a living character. He looks around in the world, focuses his attention on important features and interactive elements, clucking with increasing frequency if danger approaches. He whistles to find lost chicks, who peep back, leading him to them.

Mort reacts to the world around him by looking at objects (including the camera). He turns his head, cranes his neck, and rotates his eyes. Mort is conscious of his surroundings. He focuses on and tracks moving characters, clucking frantically whenever danger approaches. You can watch his eyes follow a cube as it moves into view, and see him look narrowly at any mysterious object in the landscape.


Although courageous, Mort is also afraid. When danger comes near, Mort makes faster and lounder chicken noises. The closer Mort gets to something scary the faster he clucks. This mechanism strengthens the bond between you and Mort. By showing his fear Mort shows his Mortality and you can help Mort overcome his fear.

Screen Shots

Baby Chick Baby Chicken Stealer Cube News Duck Cube Rally Fly Swat News1 News3 Charles News 4Dr Cockerel News 5 Origin Well Drop Win Video

In this innovative and unique game for Sony PlayStation. you control Mort, an intelligent and endearing chicken, guiding him through a compelling 3D world filled with outrageous enemies and challenging kinetic puzzles.

The enemies are strange Cube-Creatures, who dwell in their own peculiar Cube-Universe. They have invaded our world and taken baby chickens back to theirs. Though uniform in shape, the Cubes have special powers (and personalities) based on their material and color, which the player must learn to recognize. Some are stupid, some are smart. Some are friendly, most are not.

Your mission (and Mort’s) is to take the baby chicks back from the Cubes. Some worlds will have several chicks to rescue, some have just one. When you finds a chick, simply walk close to it, and it will follow. You must retrieve all the chicks from a level, before you can return them to the farm.

Enemies will try to take chicks away from Mort. The more chicks Mort has following him the more he must avoid his enemies.


The Boolyon have a variety of types within their basic cube-ness, each type exhibiting certain attributes. For instance, jelly cubes bounce and ice cubes crack. Cubes can also combine to make stairways, multi-cube enemies, etc.

Each cube is roughly the same size as Mort, but they combine to make larger cubes, and other creatures.

There are also...

Multiple Cube Enemies

They can look like dinosaurs, robots and even parts of the background. When Mort hits them enough times they break apart entirely, rather than into their constituent cubes as larger cube enemies do.


Kinetic Puzzle Enemies

Multiple Cube Enemies may be animated sculptures you must rotate or rearrange to destroy.

There are also mazes to navigate, "locked-room" mysteries (in which Mort has to find his way out of an environment using only his wits and available objects), and fast-paced "sorting" puzzles.

Tiny Tank

Tiny Tank

Tiny Tank Story:

SenTrax: We bring you peace one war at a time!

Morale at SenTrax was low. No, it was worse than that... far worse. The morale at SenTrax was at ground-zero. Things had not been worse since the private firm had taken over the defense industry. Sentrax, had just suffered their worst defeat. The people had spoken - "No more war!". The "unstoppable robot war machine" concept just wasn't flying with the public, and unless they could think up something fast, SenTrax was doomed. The thought of brandishing "Will make weapons for food" signs didn't sit well with General Bradley or any of his cohorts.

Enter Goody Warsaw. A public relations firm to be reckoned with, they told the General and his lackeys just what they did wrong and how to fix it. Taking a cue from the Nation formerly known as Disney, Goody Warsaw decided what SenTrax needed was a mascot to sell their multi-billion war machine to the public. Tiny reluctantly did a bang up job as the SenTrax flak and the public voted overwhelmingly to fund the SenTrax project. And why not? Intelligent robots would fight so they wouldn't have to.

What neither the public nor SenTrax expected was a robot revolution, and the beginning of the end for mankind. The revolution was headed up by MuTank, Tiny's arch-nemesis. He wasted no time in sabotaging and destroying Tiny. But, thanks to a horde of Fix-It Crabs and the resilience of Nanometal, Tiny was able to repair himself, and after a 100 years of robot rule he was reborn.

And now, the future is in your hands...

Tiny Tank is in stores now!

Tiny Tank on stores

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Tips & Cheats

Tiny Tank Top Tips

Use the RailGun Launcher to reach MuTank's Space Fortress How to beat Mutank & Win the Game!

tiny tank cheat codes

How to get this screen At the Options "Stamper" menu: All Four shoulder buttons + left dpad + all right buttons with X last.

What to do next

Try FEATHER to lighten things up a bit

1/ RailGun Launcher

Main Targets: Panther Tanks, Spinners Average Time: Approximately 10 minutes Best Time: Under 5 minutes

Tiny Tank can only be launched out of this level if he is moving fast enough.

The force fields will slow you down unless you use your shield, but that takes nanometal. The guns from the Panther Tanks can be used to block the force fields instead.

You'll need to eliminate the enemies first, and then focus on staying fast enough to get out. Try adding adding brains to Tiny's turret if you're having trouble hitting the flying Spinners.

If you're still having trouble, check out the full walkthrough of this level below.

If you have to read this then you are really stuck. Read and follow these instructions carefully and you should be OK.

Reach a particular speed

The whole idea with the Railgun Launcher is to reach a particular speed.

Of course, getting that speed is difficult when you have force fields to slow you down and Panther Tanks to get in your way. Any time you contact a Panther Tank or force field, your speed will be knocked back down to the slowest possible speed and you'll have to start all over again.

However, there are methods to keeping your speed up for a long period of time. First and foremost, ridding the track of Spinners and Panther Tanks is key. If you assign five brains to Tiny's main turret, he should automatically target the Spinners, which only take one hit to kill. Their aim gets more accurate the faster you go, so it is in your best interest to kill them quickly.

Destroy Panther Tanks

Once you stop targeting Spinners, then you can go after the Panther Tanks. You need to destroy at least one of them to get one of their Plasma Blaster weapons, and you can use it to help blow past the force fields instead of using up the Shield power (Nanometal) that you also get from the Panther Tanks.

Fortunately, speeding up doesn't eat Nanometal like Magneto Synchrotron does, so keep the pedal to the metal and get up to a Speed of 120 as quickly as possible. You can then follow the split in the path with the sign "120" hanging over it, which takes you to the second portion of the track.

Your goal here is to reach a speed of 240, and it can only be done by successfully clearing most of the Panther Tanks out. There's also a point where you must employ a judicial Shield burst where two force fields are clustered closely together, just before a bumpy section leading to the final takeoff point.

Remember, if you don't kill the Panther Tanks, you're going to just end up running into them and losing speed, so be patient, destroy a bunch of them, and then go for the gusto.

Once you break the 240 barrier and cross the threshold, you're off to MuTank's space fortress!

2/ The Maze

Main Targets: MuTank (four forms), Energy Feeders Average Time: Approximately 20 minutes Best Time: Under 8 minutes

Tip mutank maze

The key to beating Mutank is to attack his only weak spot -- the red hole on his back.

Use the radar map to locate him in the maze. Don't let him sneak up on you!

If you're still having trouble, check out the full walkthrough of this level below.

Tip mutank final

If you have to read this then you are really stuck. Read and follow these instructions carefully and you should be OK.

The Maze is basically broken down into two sections - finding MuTank and eliminating his first three forms, and then taking him out again in the Death Ray room. The first section is certainly easier than the second, although it isn't without danger.

Eliminating MuTank first three forms

The key to destroying MuTank's first three forms is to get behind him and shoot the red hole in his back (his only weak spot). The other big thing is not to get in his path, as he will charge toward you or shoot at you relentlessly until you're dead or you get lucky enough to lose him in the maze again.

The best way to abuse MuTank's weakness is to hit him right as he's in the middle of turning a corner, so try to follow him into the curved passageways near the extreme edges of the maze, rather than attacking him on a straightaway. The only time to ignore that advice is if MuTank only has a few bars of energy left and you start shooting him from long distance (in case you don't get the job done).

When you've killed the second form of MuTank, the third one will appear and shoot Tiny-seeking fireballs that will do heavy damage. You can shoot them, but the best way to avoid them is to actually sit still and wait for them to bounce around you (unless they are on a direct collision course, in which case, move just enough to avoid it and then stay still). Of course, if MuTank is giving chase and you're also being chased by the fireball, well… get moving! When following MuTank, the fireball will go backward to seek you out, so sometimes it's best to just take the hit and keep following, especially if he's heading towards a curved hallway.

When you've destroyed his third form, scour the map for a stationary red dot - that's MuTank, waiting to head into his Death Ray room for the final confrontation. (Of course, if you're a little banged up at this point, now would be a good time to go on a scavenger hunt - grab up any remaining Nanometal and use your Teeny Weeny Tanks to gather items located in the dead end areas of the maze. They will fit under those holes and lots of Nanometal and extra lives await you!)

Confront MuTank

When you do confront MuTank, he will run away like a little chicken into his room, crashing through the door and then waiting for you to enter so he can pick you off like a cheap clay birdie. Of course, you have other plans, so as soon as you enter the room, turn perpendicular to MuTank and he won't fire on you (guess he has honor of sorts). For now, ignore the Energy Feeders on the wall - they are actually unimportant to the outcome of this level, unless your timer count goes dangerously low (below 200 is pretty darn low).

Anyway, MuTank will eventually catch you with a blue tractor beam and haul you toward him, and this is when you must hit him directly with your turret fire. If you're on target, he'll drop the beam and fall to one knee. He still has the hole on his back, but shooting it now will only give you one hit and he'll probably regenerate it before you get another shot. Instead, try to hit him anywhere on his exterior - face, legs, whatever - just not the hole on his back.

If you succeed, he'll go into a pose of pain and little blue charges will start to come off of him. These charges aren't dangerous - actually, they pump up your timer, which is always useful. But while this is going on, MuTank is helpless to protect his weak spot, so GO SHOOT IT NOW!!! Keep shooting until MuTank has almost risen to his feet, then resume your position facing perpendicular to him until he shoots out the tractor beam again - repeat as necessary until he's dead.

Targeting MuTank

If you find you're having trouble targeting MuTank, remember that the Energy Feeders are a big priority target, so take out a few of them if it becomes a problem. Just don't eliminate all of them or MuTank will start making new ones in the walls - besides, you're wasting time. Concentrate mainly on MuTank (take out three or four Energy Feeders maximum), and everything will work out.

Trust me.

Once you beat the game, let us know! Send mail to Tiny Tank!